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high school musical meme: [4/10] songs » you are the music in me

When I hear my favourite song, I know that we belong.
This scene still makes me squee like a 16-year-old fangirl.

So after numerous multiple takes due to our very sad card flipping abilities, Kenny decides everyone needs a break. During the break I spy Zac on the gym floor walking around conversing with camera people and crew people, shaking their hands, laughing and carrying on with them. He is so genuine. The girls were able to come down for a bit and Vanessa wondered onto the gym floor.

I did see she and Zac at the opposite corner of the gym where they had a lot of equipment set up and most of the crew were working from there. I caught them facing each other and talking to each other and then he reached out and grabbed her hand and they held hands. He then led them over to the part of the bleachers that were for the cast and crew and sat down, each turned toward the other. They were having their own little conversation. When the two of them are together, you can tell, in their eyes the world around them just isn’t there. The love they show each other, just spills out all around them. You know that chemistry these two give off when you see them together on film or in pictures, you know what I mean, those stolen glances they give each other that melt you heart….…well, take that and magnify it by a million kilowatts when you see it in person. It just stills my heart and takes my breath away. These two kids I believe, have really found their soul mate in each other. And if after two years its still this strong, I believe they have what it takes for the long haul.

So, now Kenny is ready for us again. I see Zac and Vanessa give each other a little hug and they smile at each other. They hold hands and start walking back to our side of the gym with Vanessa skipping behind him. Awwwwwww, so cute!!

When they were standing with one another, and Van wasn’t too busy dancing and Zac wasn’t playing air guitar, they were so not shy about pda. During one of the songs, I think it was Use Somebody, he kissed her for so long, and also during one of the songs, which has the line ‘I don’t care what nobody says shes gonna be my lover’, they were full on making out for a while. They disappeared near the end, before the encore, and when they came back they were holding hands. He quite often hugged her and she him from behind. At the very beginning he was stood behind her with his hands wrapped round her waist. They did kiss quite a few times, and were just whispering and holding onto one another.



I swear this came straight from romantic telenovela.

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